3.2.1. Restrictions and Peculiarities

When using OpenVZ in a virtualized environment, keep in mind the following restrictions and specifics:

  • Running OpenVZ in a virtual machine is intended for evaluation purposes only, and not for production.
  • If you change the configuration of a virtual machine where OpenVZ is installed, you may need to reactivate OpenVZ.
  • When you start a virtual machine with OpenVZ, VMware Fusion may warn you that it requires full access to the network traffic. Ignore this message, and proceed with booting the virtual machine.
  • To run in a virtualized OpenVZ environment, a virtual machine must have OpenVZ guest tools installed.
  • To enable full support for virtual machines created inside OpenVZ, make sure to enable nested virtualization support for the OpenVZ VM in your virtualization software. Otherwise virtual machines created in OpenVZ will only support 32-bit operating systems and a single CPU.